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Traveling to Egypt? Helpful Phrases To Use

When traveling to a new place, it is a great idea to learn a few phrases. The local people don't expect you to be an expert in their language, but they appreciate that you took the time to learn a few phrases.

Here's a list of helpful phrases for your trip to Egypt:

1. Hello! - Marhaba!

2. Good morning! - Sabah el kheir!

3. Good evening! - Masaa el noor!

4. How are you? - Ezayak? (to a male) / Ezayek? (to a female)

5. I'm fine, thank you. - Ana kwayyis, shukran.

6. Please. - Min fadlak. (to a male) / Min fadlik. (to a female)

7. Thank you. - Shukran.

8. You're welcome. - Afwan.

9. Yes. - Aiwa.

10. No. - La.

My most used phrase was La Shukran! When you encounter the many people trying to sell you goods, it is a nice way to decline!!!

These phrases should help you communicate effectively during your trip to Egypt!

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